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It might not be as widely played as its 90- and 75-ball counterparts, but 80-ball bingo has a uniquely entertaining charm of its own that has made it a niche favorite in the iGaming community. If you’re the kind of player that is looking for a memorable twist on classic variants, this might well be the option for you!

While plenty of fun, 90-ball games can sometimes be drawn out and cumbersome, not to mention slow in terms of gameplay. 75-ball titles, on the other hand, could be viewed as very traditional; perhaps a little too traditional for some. 80-ball versions provide a happy medium that still pack in plenty of winning potential and great portable fun.

Best Bingo Sites offering 80 Ball Bingo

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80-ball online bingo plays out on a card with a 4×4 grid layout and 16 numbered slots in total. Each of the four columns on these cards will often be presented in a different color, while the numbers therein are divided into each of the color groups in question. Each group comprises 20 numbers, and your job will be to select four of them for each slot before your round of bingo for real money begins. In many cases, iGaming software also does this for you using Random Number Generation.

How to Play and Enjoy This Variant

In this unique variation of bingo, the numbers 1-80 are used on your virtual card. When playing at a live hall, a real human caller would select and call each number in the draw, one at a time, until a few players in the crowd have shouted the magic word and claimed their prizes. In online versions, however, computer software will randomly select the winning numbers, and your game’s software will more often than not mark the digits off on your card automatically, too.

To win a sizeable jackpot here, you will need to form one of a number of winning patterns that are used in most 80-ball games around the world. They do also change according to the structure of your supplier’s rules, but tend to include patterns like diagonal, horizontal and vertical rows, four corners, and a full house or ‘blackout’ result.

As well as online titles with set cash jackpots, there are also plenty of exciting progressive options to try. These online bingo games boast impressive progressive jackpots that are linked to a network of online bingo casinos, and the more people play them, the more the jackpots in size grow until a lucky punter triggers them and takes home all that sweet cash. Most operators also have minimum guarantees attached to their titles, which ensures that if you have all the right factors in place for a win, you will pocket a minimum amount of cash (at least!), no matter how many players are involved.

Top Tips to Take Advantage Of with Bingo of 80 Balls

If you’re ready to indulge in a great game of 80-ball online bingo at a top New Zealand casino, here are some handy hints to get you started. First off, always make sure that you know your provider’s unique set of rules and requirements to make the most out of your gaming sessions. If you do your homework before you play, you don’t have to worry about making any mistakes or accidentally losing out on the win of a lifetime!

Another tip for maximizing your odds is to avoid logging on to play during peak hours. The more players you’re up against, the harder it will be in theory to win. Instead, make small adjustments to your schedule so that you can enjoy 80-ball games during off-peak times, both online and at land-based halls.

Last but certainly not least, be sure to take advantage of your casino’s bingo bonuses and promotions wherever you can. These offers are designed to bring you the biggest returns possible, and as long as you use them smartly, you’re likely in for more rewards than you ever thought possible!

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